City of Lewisburg - An Active Community
Welcome to Lewisburg, Kentucky!!
Located in north Logan County, you will find this unique little town. It began as a railroad town (1878), is known as Coon Range Country (1923), and has been proclaimed as the Purple Martin Capital of Kentucky (1993)! Today, we declare it as an active community. As we respect its rich past, we look forward to its exciting future!
When you visit Lewisburg, you will find down home charm mixed with edgy ideas. We have everything anyone could want:  churches (one that has been here for 200 years), businesses, medical, school, parks, and best of all people that will greet you with a smile. :-) Come and start Loving Lewisburg with us!
Here is a quilt square that will be located on the City Complex building. It is called the Old Kentucky Album.  Like a quilt stitched together by many different pieces of fabric, and kept to warm future generations; Lewisburg was built by many different people and is being preserved for those who will some day add to its beauty.
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